Alderney Court Office Resources

Licence Renewal

Liquor Licences are granted annually to run from 1 February and expire on the 31 January the following year. To renew a licence you need to make an application to the Court. The licence holder(s) needs to complete a licence renewal pdf icon application form [306kb].

The form should be submitted to the Court office with the Court fees at least 42 days prior to the Court hearing, which takes place on the first Thursday in January.

 Any person wishing to object to an application for renewal of a liquor licence must attend Court on the date and time specified in the notice.

pdf icon Court fees [578kb] are payable at the time that this application is lodged with the Court office.

When the Court has approved the renewal applications the Licences are available to collect from the Court office. The Licence Holder(s) must collect the Licence before the expiry of the previous Licence on 31 January. An pdf icon annual fee [4kb] is payable for the Liquor Licence.