Alderney Court Office Resources

Leave of Absence

A licensee must not be absent for more than one day from supervising a liquor licence in Alderney without permission. Permission for leave of absence is not required where there are two licensees named on the licence and only one will be absent from Alderney for any period of time.

If the licensee is going to be absent for between 2 and 7 days then  the licensee should write to the Chairman of the Court at the pdf icon Court Office [225kb] requesting permission to be absent.  The Chairman will consider the application and the applicant will be notified of that decision as soon as possible.

If a licensee is going to be absent for more than 7 days then they need to seek permission from the Court.  Licensees are advised to write to the Greffier at the Court Office at least 6 weeks before their intended absence to request leave. They need to nominate a person to supervise the liquor licence in their absence.  Licence applications may be heard at the Civil Court on the first Thursday of every month, except August.

Both the licensee and the person nominated to supervise the licence must attend the Court on the date given and a Court pdf icon application fee [578kb] is payable.