Alderney Court Office Resources

Registration of Wills

Alderney residents should take legal advice when drawing up a will. The provisions of The Inheritance (Alderney) Law, 2015 apply. The Law can be viewed at:

A Will of Realty must be registered in the Court of Alderney before any freehold property or land held in Alderney can be transferred to the beneficiaries. An Executor, Beneficiary or an Advocate may make the pdf icon Application [184kb] to the Court . You will need to provide the original Will (where there is a separate Will of Realty and Will of Personalty) or the Probated Will which has been proved by the Ecclesiastical Court (where there is one Will that deals with both the Personalty and Realty). An original death certificate must also be submitted and pdf icon Court Fees [578kb] are payable.

The Court produces an Act of Court, confirming that the Will of Realty has been registered. The Act of Court is then submitted to the Registrar to register the change in ownership of the property or land on the Land Register with the pdf icon Application Form [171kb].

The Personal Estate, which includes everything that is not Real Estate, is not registered in the Court of Alderney, but is dealt with by the Ecclesiastical Court in Guernsey. Please note that a leasehold property (for example most flats are leasehold properties) is part of the personal estate.  For enquiries regarding a testator's Personal Estate please contact the Ecclesiastical Court in Guernsey, whose offices are open Monday - Thursday, morning only, on +44 (0)1481 721 732.