Alderney Court Office Resources

New Licence

To licence new premises you need to make an application to the Court using the pdf icon Standard Application Form [306kb].  

The proposed licence holder(s) also needs to fill in a pdf icon Police Check Form [416kb].

These forms should be submitted to the Court office at least 42 days prior to the Court hearing. Licence applications may be heard at the Civil Court on the first Thursday of every month, except August. Where the premises have not previously been licensed a plan must also be submitted.

Any person wishing to object to an application for a new liquor licence must attend Court on the date and time specified in the notice to make their objections.

pdf icon Court Fees [578kb] are payable when the application is lodged with the Court office.

When the Court has approved the renewal applications the Licences are available to collect from the Court office. The Licence will run from the date of being granted until the next 31 January.

An pdf icon annual fee [4kb] is payable for the Liquor Licence.  

The provisions of the Alderney Liquor Licencing Ordinance, 1994, as amended apply. The ordinance can be viewed at: