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Civil Ceremonies

Civil Ceremony

If you would like a Civil Ceremony then these can be solemnised by either a Deputy Registrar or a new category of celebrant called an Authorised Civil Celebrant. These Civil Celebrants will not be employed by the Registrar General, they will operate in a private capacity, either self-employed or through one of the Island's businesses that provide wedding services. 

If you would like to get married during normal office hours 9am to 4pm weekdays (except public holidays) in a basic legal ceremony to be conducted in the Court House by a Deputy Registrar, you will need to contact the Court Office on 01481 820050 or email to check availability for the time and date you would like and the booking will be entered into the diary and reserved for you. You then need to give Give Notice. The policy at the Alderney Court Office is to only conduct marriages in the Court House in normal office hours 9am to 4pm weekdays (excluding bank holidays)

For any other location or time you will need to contact a Civil Celebrant.  A list of Authorised Civil Celebrants resident in Alderney can be found pdf icon here [67kb]

Civil Celebrant

If you would like your ceremony solemnised by an Authorised Civil Celebrant you will need, in consultation with them, to decide on a location. If you are intending to marry out of doors you should also specify an alternative location in case of bad weather. You need to ensure that you have the property or land owner's permission to hold the wedding at the location. Your celebrant will discuss your requirements and advise you on the process and draw up a contract with you. Some fees will be payable directly to the Civil Celebrant.

Once you have decided and confirmed where, when and who is to solemnise your marriage you will need to give notice of marriage.