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Club and Company Licence Changes

Change of Designated Official

Where the licence is held by a Club or in the name of a Company, one or two Designated Officials hold the Licence on behalf of the Club or Company. Changes can be made to the Designated Official(s) during the course of the year by application to the Court. The Club or Company need to fill in an pdf icon application form. [291kb].

pdf icon Court fees [578kb] apply to this application.

For any proposed new Designated Official you will also need to complete a pdf icon Police Check Form [416kb].

These forms should be submitted to the Court office with the Court fees at least 42 days prior to the Court hearing. Licence applications may be heard at the Civil Court on the first Thursday of every month, except August.

Any person wishing to object to an application must attend Court on the date and time specified in the notice.

Please note that to change the licence holder for an individually held licence a new licence application is required.