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Company Notices

Company Registry Notices:

pdf icon National Risk Assessment [80kb]

pdf icon Strike off warning 04.04.2024 [99kb]

pdf icon Strike off warning 11.03.24 [127kb]

pdf icon Annual Return Reminder 2024 [84kb]

pdf icon Strike-off notice 28 Nov 23 [106kb]

pdf icon Alderney Company Registry Update Nov 23 [118kb]

pdf icon Strike off list 25.10.23 [111kb]

pdf icon Strike off notice 26.09.23 [115kb]

pdf icon Strike-Off Notice 31.07.2023 [111kb]

pdf icon Strike-off list 26.07.2023 [115kb]

pdf icon Consultation - Civil Penalties [211kb]

pdf icon Strike-off notice 31.05.2023 [111kb]

pdf icon Strike-Off List 09.05.2023 [118kb]

pdf icon Strike-Off Notice 08.03.2023 [126kb]

pdf icon Strike-off Notice 23.01.2023 [92kb]

pdf icon Strike-off Notice 17.01.2023 [119kb]

pdf icon Strike-off notice 09.01.2023 [111kb]

pdf icon Consultation - Amendments to Legislation administered by the Registry [278kb]

pdf icon Annual Return Reminder 2023 [87kb]

pdf icon Strike-Off Notice 23 November 22 [113kb]

pdf icon Strike-Off Notice 8 Nov 22 [112kb]

pdf icon Strike-off notice 20.09.22 [112kb]

pdf icon Company Strike Off Notice 19.07.2022 [111kb]

pdf icon Strike-Off Notice 11 May 22 [130kb]

pdf icon Strike-Off List 11.03.2022 [135kb]

pdf icon Company strike-off warning 6th August 2021 [411kb]

pdf icon Strike-Off Notice 12th May 2021 [433kb]

pdf icon Company Strike-Off warning 12th March 2021 [440kb]

pdf icon Strike-off Notice 15th May [420kb]

pdf icon Company Strike Off Warning March 2020 [433kb]

pdf icon Company Strike Off list 22 November 2019 [198kb]

pdf icon Company strike off warning 20 September 2019 [25kb]

pdf icon Company Strike Off list 10 May 2019 [287kb]

pdf icon Company strike off warning published 8 March 2019 [415kb]

pdf icon Strike off Notice 30 November 2018 [229kb]

pdf icon Company Strike Off Warning published 28 September 2018 [279kb]

pdf icon Company Strike off List published 11 May 2018 [365kb]

pdf icon Company Strike Off Warning Published 9 March 2018 [416kb]

pdf icon Notice of Striking-Off 1 December 2017 [219kb]